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Eletricity is energy, yet knowledge is a power.

Welcome to the energy management platform, which will enable solar PV prosumers to consciously manage energy. CO2 footprint considered.

Evone will guide You through three major stages:

Gaining full awareness 
on individual energy 

Saving kWh volumes and 
euros by managing 
consumption and storage. 

Taking financial advantage 
of Nord Pool hourly 
pricing fluctuations.

What & how
Stage 1

Evone is an online platform which enables you to manage your energy production, consumption & storage on the most efficient financial terms, meeting your individual habits.

Evone platform merges Your individual consumed, grid stored energy data from local DSO and directly from PV inverter. Result - clear & trusted energy dashboard.

What & how
What & how
Stage 2
Evone adds Your battery and main energy consuming devices:

● Heating equipment
● Air conditioning
● EV charger

Evone platform provides You tools to manage consumption and storage based on three main principles:


Consume while PV production is on.


Store energy (battery or grid) considering Day Ahead Nord Pool market pricing.


Buy energy from grid for storage or consumption considering Day Ahead Nord Pool market pricing.

Your energy insights at a fingeritip
What we offer

Individual data based PV

savings impact

Get your return on investment estimate.

Connect your hardware
Connect a battery, heatpump or electric vehicle charger to monitor and manage consumption.

Consumption monitoring
Be aware of produced, consumed and stored energy - all conveniently in one dashboard.

And much more from Evone

with stage 3

Photovoltaic production forecast
Consider forecasted PV production volumes. Time to upgrade installed PV capacities?

What we offer
Join Evone for a future proof energy management experience
Our team

Jolita Seredaitė

Chief Executive Officer

Proficient Team Leader with more than 15 years experience in Television, News portal and Advertising managing large-scale national and international projects. Creative director of the TV Channel, Producer of various TV shows, Commercials and Live transmissions, Head of Broadcasting team for the Olympic Winter and Summer Games (Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016).


Sustainable living enthusiast striving to inspire others for deliberate use of resources.


Stasys Mikelionis

Chief Operation Officer, CIO

Bringing 20 years of experience in operational excellence and large-scale transformations from the Finance & Payments industry to deliver exceptional products quality. Enabling Public Cloud service focusing on regulatory requirements, risk and security in most Influential Nordic Financial institutions will contribute to ensure that Evone is The Trusted service provider for any size of organization from any industry. Experience from retail industry working as Director of Infrastructure for a company with +2500 stores within Europe will contribute with time to market and operational costs efficiency as well as cross operations in number of EU counties. Responsible to operational quality in the largest financial institution in Lithuania as well as leading technology & business applications transformation project.

Passioned about operational efficiency enabled through technology and people engagement.


Donatas Bagdonas

Chief Product Officer

More than 10 years’ experience in project and product leadership roles. Investment portfolio manager & strategic IT project lead in fortune 500 companies. Lead multiple transformational projects in financial industry. FinTech Startup accelerator co – founder, social startup mentor.


Passionate about green technology innovation, amazing products, and great user experience.

Our team
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